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What is Modus VR?

Modus VR is a leap forward in custom home theater design and sales. Gone are the days of asking clients to interpret blueprints, imagine different screen sizes, and judge the scale of 3D renderings.

Modus VR is a virtual reality solution that lets your clients experience their own theaters, designed by you, before construction has begun. Never before has there been such a powerful tool for bridging the gap between your vision and your clients’ imagination.

Keep reading to better understand how Modus VR can fundamentally change your home theater design and installation business.

Sell more, faster

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Modus VR increases the quantity, speed and value of sales

When your clients can experience their theater in VR before construction starts, they:

  • Make decisions faster, with more confidence, and with greater commitment.
  • Understand the implications of important factors, like screen size and seating position.
  • Share your vision of what’s possible, generating momentum towards closing the deal.
  • Are more likely to stretch their budget for the next level of aesthetic or performance.

Modus VR removes friction by enabling clients to understand their space, avoid guesswork, and resolve concerns while in the earliest stages of planning.

Own your market

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Gain a competitive edge

Your custom AV business thrives on referrals and standing out from the competition. Modus VR gives you the upper hand in both areas.

  • Your competition tells the customer their screen is too small.
    You show them.
  • Your competition tells the customer there's room for more seats.
    You show them.
  • Your competition lets the customer interpret blueprints.
    You let them experience their theater.
  • Your competition is constrained by the size of their showroom.
    You have unlimited space in yours.
  • Your competition leaves people talking about their new theater.
    You leave them talking about you.

Design better, faster

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Accelerate and improve your theater design process

Working in virtual reality, with tools designed specifically for the AV industry, has several benefits:

  • Rapidly create theater designs from scratch in minutes.
  • Real time specification validation indicates where your theater is making compromises.
  • Solve otherwise difficult-to-visualize challenges in seconds.
  • Eliminate tedious busy work with VR to CAD export.
  • If needed, invite your client into VR with you to brainstorm on the fly.

The solution

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What's included in the subscription?

You receive white glove treatment and all the hardware and software required to provide and maintain a best-in-class virtual reality experience to your clients:

  • Hardware for two simultaneous VR users
    • 2 custom-built computers.*
    • 2 sets of virtual reality headsets, controllers and tracking hardware.*
  • Unlimited access to the Modus VR design software.
  • Frequent updates with new features, products and objects.
  • Technical support—we can even join you remotely in VR.
  • Hardware upgrades, replacements and repair as needed.

*More units can be included for an additional monthly fee.


A premium VR design and sales solution for home theater installers

Modus VR is a collaboration between Fractal Mob and Real AV.